Hua-Hin , Prachuap Khiri Khan


Before the city was named “Huahin”, a story was told that around 1834, in the reign of King Nang Klao,some of the agricultural areas in Petchburi were afflicted by a severe drought. Some of citizens moved south until they found “Samoh Rieng village”,up from Khao Takieb and Nong kae or Ban Nong Sakae.

Prince Nares Worarit (Prince Krisadaphiniharn, an ancestor of the family “Kridakorn)was the first member of the royal family to build a palace here,the big palace near the southern part of Moo Hin (Now next to the Sofitel Hotel) and which he called “San Samran Suk Vesna” Later he built another palace called “San Samran” and “Suk Vesna” to receive other members of theroyal family.

He also ordered the building of many small houses with high vaults under the houses, which later became “Suk Vesna bungalow”, and he called the beach next to the palace and the other southern beaches “Huahin” to distinguish them from “Ban Lam Hin”, with the sea rock as themark of the separation.

The old Ban Lam Hin border to the south came as far as the Kade tree (This tree is now in front of the Sofitel Hotel and shelters a large shrine) not quite reaching the prince’s land. All this area is now called Huahin.The land at the rock mark belonged to Prince Chakkapong Phuwanart,who built the 2 big palaces, White Palace first and then Grey Palace, with many small houses, which later became “Ban Jakkapong”, Malia hotel, and finally the Hilton hotel today.  

While Klai Kangwon was being built, Prince Kampangpet Akarayothin (founder of the Burachat family)had “Chatchai” market built on the land of the royal treasury,designed with 7 consecutive vaults to remind people that the market had been built in the reign of King Rama VII. This market, called “Chatchai” market,was also said to be the cleanest market in Thailand at that time.Chatchai Market and the Rot Fai or Huahin hotel later became Huahin landmarks. Klai Kangwon palace was in fact more of a holy place than just a tourist destination.

Ever since the completion of the southern railway, connecting to the Malaysian border,  Huahin has been know as the most famous vacation destination in Thailand. Tourists always come here to relax and enjoy various activities; swimming, fishing,and playing golf thanks to the  “Huahin Royal Golf Course”,accounted as the international standard golf course of Thailand.Huahin has brought nothing but popularity to the Rot Fai hotel. Later the bungalow called “Central Huahin Village” was built here.

This bungalow was chosen to be the scene of the international film  “Devil’s Paradise” as well as“Rot Fai Huahin hotel” which was the scene of the international film “The Killing Fields”, acting for the top hotel in Phnom Phen during the war.Nowadays Huahin, rich with the legend, history and beautiful scenery, is still an exquisite and peaceful holiday venue and full of natural beauty.


Source : Tourism Authority of Thailand 






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